Tips for Transitioning to Summer Care

by Christina Taylor

It's around that time again, and the Summer is almost upon us!

The transition from the school year to vacation time is important in the position of a nanny. While nannies will have established a relationship with their clients and their children, the nature of the interaction will be a bit different when school is not in session. It’s important to prepare now, as nannies have lots of ways to make their summer work easier and more rewarding, both for themselves and for the families they serve!

It’s important to recognize in advance the changes that can be expected when school children are on vacation. The biggest summer vacation challenge for nannies in Los Angeles is the duration. Months of vacation time can seem exciting to school kids initially, but it doesn’t take long for boredom to set in. The most skilled nannies will stave off boredom by developing a set of activities to break up the long days.

Nannies aren't expected to entertain every moment that they are on duty. They are expected to provide supervision, care and direction. At times, nannies will be very interactive, but at other times they will simply provide ideas for ways for youngsters to engage in something productive. Developing a daily routine keep things running smoothly, especially since school children are accustomed to routine. That routine will allow them to prepare for the approach that's taken in a day’s interaction.

Structured time should be provided, interspersed with free time. Meal times should be consistent so that youngsters know what to expect. An afternoon quiet time allows children to rest and refresh, and this also allows nannies time to manage any household duties.

It’s helpful to include surprise outings and activities periodically. Nannies can consider parks, the zoo, and other fun attractions as options. An occasional day at the movies or a roller skating rink is also a nice option. If the events are surprises for the kids, they will brighten their spirits and break up the monotony of the summer.

Lastly, it’s important that nannies coordinate outings well with their clients, making sure that approval is obtained and discussing funding options. Prioritizing these activities, establishing a budget and a balance of time spent out and about verses time at the home are all important considerations. Skilled nannies work closely with their clients to provide an exceptional experience for the children.

Posted Date: 
Monday, May 28, 2012