Working as a Nanny, Tips and Advice: Lifestyle Considerations

by Christina Taylor

Here at Nannies in LA we often get asked for advice by nannies and families, so I’ve come up with a series of posts which I’ll call “Working as a Nanny, Tips and Advice”. We hope you find them helpful!

As you begin a job search for the perfect nanny position, you will want to evaluate your lifestyle preferences as well as the lifestyles of the potential families with whom you are interviewing. As mundane as this may seem, lifestyle differences can make or break an otherwise optimal match between nannies and a family. You will also want to consider whether or not you would like to live with the family who employs you, or if you would like to live in your own home. Other lifestyle considerations before choosing a nanny position may include dietary habits, smoking, alcohol consumption, pets and religious beliefs, to name only a few. Clarifying the importance of these lifestyle considerations in your own mind will help you to appropriately evaluate positions with families who are interviewing nannies.

One of the most basic considerations for nannies in Beverly Hills who are seeking employment is whether or not you wish to live with your family. Do not underestimate the importance of this decision. There are many perks to living with a family. You often are able to live on a beautiful piece of property with many of the amenities of an upper-middle class family such as a pool, garden and tennis courts. You will also not have to worry about paying rent and utilities on your own. However, there are also some drawbacks, you will lose a degree of privacy living with a family. You may also find that you work many more hours than you had anticipated, and you have to fight for time off. Clarifying your schedule with the family who hires you will allow you to have personal time around which you can schedule your own activities.

Other lifestyle considerations for nannies are issues such as alcohol consumption, smoking and dietary habits. If you are an avid vegetarian and prefer a non-meat house, you may not be comfortable living or working with a family that eats meat. Be patient and keep looking for a position with a family who has a more similar lifestyle. Likewise, if you do not smoke or drink and the family you are working for drinks and smokes frequently in the house, the position will not optimally suit you. Take the time you need to find a position that is a great match for both you and the family who is interviewing nannies, so that you can find a position that is a good match for both yourself and the family who hires you.


Posted Date: 
Monday, July 23, 2012